Karttika 2006: Japa Meditations – November 4, 2006

November 4th, 2006

Karttika 2006
Japa Meditations

November 4, 2006

A friend of mine – a professor in America – had problems with his chanting. He couldn’t concentrate and it frustrated him. While visiting Vrindavana, he went to his very elderly guru, a very renowned Vaisnava scholar in Vraja, and opened his heart.

“I just can’t concentrate on my chanting. Why should I do?”

“Don’t eat grains cooked by non-devotees!”

“But I have to attend the college’s conferences and they only serve grains cooked by non-devotees. What should I do?’

“Don’t eat.”

Moral: Don’t ask a sadhu a question unless you are ready to follow his advice. Well, my friend did. It was inconvenient, but it changed his life and his concentration improved significantly .

Commentary: Small things make big differences. During Karttika I only eat freshly prepared and purely cooked food offered to Giriraja. It really helps the consciousness.

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