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Karttika Journal | Japa Thought V

November 7th, 2008

November 7, 2008
Sri Govardhana

Japa Thought V

I felt bad this morning; digestion was not complete, sleep was interrupted— I felt fatigued. On such days, in terms of chanting, I almost feel like, “What's the use?” To my surprise I had my best chanting this month by far, despite being challenged from a yogic perspective. I contemplate why:

Chanting is not mechanical. It descends by mercy. Perhaps because of intense engagement in Karttika, I have no time for offenses to the holy name, especially vaisnava-aparadha. The channel of mercy is thus open and flows without obstruction from above.

Karttika Journal | Japa Thought IV

November 5th, 2008

November 5, 2008
Sri Govardhana

Japa Thought IV

Concentration is a faculty of the mind. To be a successful chanter it must be activated. In Bhajan Rahasya, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur recommends how: give special focus to just one couplet of the name. A friend similarly advised, “concentrate on one mantra at a time with single-mindedness.” It’s the same concept—if we activate our concentration in a limited focus, it will remain focused in a greater context.

In other words, if one focuses on the first couplet of the holy, it is likely that the faculty of concentration will remain active for the rest of the mantra, and by the time one’s concentration wanes, he is again activating it for the first couplet of the next mantra.

Karttika Journal | Srila Prabhupada’s Disappearance Day Festival

November 2nd, 2008

November 2, 2008
Srila Prabhupada's Disappearance Day Festival
Sri Govardhana

I'm scheduled to speak next. Suddenly the gateman shows up at the temple door. A delivery awaits me downstairs. I've been pushing the printers to have my book, Japa Mediations: Contemplations on the Holy Name, ready by Karttika, but as usual, despite all promises, it was delayed. I ponder: “What a coincidence! My book appears exactly as I am about to speak on Srila Prabhupada’s Disappearance Day. What does it mean?” Whatever it means, it is certainly auspicious. I place my book at the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada as an offering for his pleasure. I pray that he may be pleased by my humble attempt to encourage the pure chanting of the holy name.

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