Dhanurdhara Swami

June 30th, 2007

Dhanurdhara Swami
Photograph by Nancy Ambe.

Dhanurdhara Swami was initiated into the Gauḍīyā Vaiṣṇava lineage by Śrīla A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda in 1974. In 1982, he accepted the sannyāsa āśrama or renounced order of life.

Dhanurdhara Swami is the author of three books — Waves of Devotion: A Comprehensive Study of The Nectar of Devotion, Greetings from Vrindavana, a selected collection of his thoughts and realizations from 2000–2004, and Japa Meditations: Contemplations on Entering the Holy Name, a collection of selected personal realizations on japa meditation by Mahārāja and others.

Dhanurdhara Swami spends half of the year in India where he focuses on bhajana, studying, writing and taking people on pilgrimage of holy places. The other half of the year Mahārāja is in the West where he spends his time traveling and speaking about bhakti-yoga.


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