Why Radha Kund is the highest place.

November 15th, 2005

Karttika Thought:
Why Radha Kund is the highest place.

Why is Radha Kunda the highest place? In Sri Upadesamrta it is even described as higher than the Vrindavana forest or Govardhana Hill.

What is the principle that makes one place higher than another?

Hint: Is your work place a suitable place to be with friends and family? Is your living room a more desirable place for you than your work place? Why?

A place is higher by the facility it provides to exchange love.

According to one’s desire to exchange love, one creates a corresponding place to enjoy that love. The more a place makes intimate love possible, the higher we value it.

For ruling and accepting the reverence of his subjects, the King manifests his court, throne, and majesty. To enjoy family and friends, he makes a living room where he can be himself and enjoy with his loved ones, a place he naturally values more than his court.
When, however, he desires the most intimate exchanges of romantic love he goes to his inner secluded quarters, the place he values most.

Similarly according to Sri Krishna’s desire to enjoy progressive varieties of love, corresponding environments are manifest by His unlimited potency to facilitate such pleasure. But when Sri Krishna wants to eternally enjoy the highest exchange of love with His most intimate lovers, He naturally reveals the sweetest and most romantic spiritual atmosphere. In other words, He eternally manifests Sri Radha Kunda.

But why is Radha Kunda higher than even Govardhana or the Vrindavana forests?

In the Vrindavana Forests and even in Sri Govardhana, his friends frolic and his elders pass. Radha Kunda, however, is located in the most secluded and uninhabited corner of that mountainous Govardhana. There, even his friends never pass, especially as he only visits Radha Kunda to meet Sri Radha when everyone in Vraja is resting after their mid-day meal. As it is the place where Sri Krishna, the Absolute Reality, gains the most confidence to open His heart fully to Sri Radha, his greatest lover, it is naturally acclaimed as the highest site in creation.

November 15, 2005

The following is a letter I received at the end of Karttika from a mature and dedicated servant of Srila Prabhupada’s mission who was inspired by reading my “Japa Thoughts” and Maha Nidhi Swami’s “The Art of Chanting”. I will use that letter as our final japa thought for Karttika.

Final Karttika Japa Thought XV:

“I’m very grateful to you for your “Japa Thoughts”. I read them all the time and I want to meditate on the Holy Name and to get the taste and faith.

Today during japa, I asked the Holy Name to help me chant with mamata, I’ve chanted all 16 rounds in one set. I meditated on Krishna’s pastimes in Vrindavan, then the childish pastimes of Nimai in Navadvipa, then the battlefield of Kuruksetra when the residents of Vrindavana came to see Krishna during the eclipse. Then I thought what Srimati Radharani, the gopis, and especially Mother Yasoda (because she is closer to me as I’m a mother and a grandmother) felt when they had to go back to Vrindavana without Krishna.

I felt so much separated from Krishna that I wanted to die without Him. Everything else was useless.

I felt something did enter my heart. Although maybe it was not in the purest sense, but it was the first time that I felt such a sentiment and I would like to keep it in my heart forever.”

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