October 24, 2005 Govardhana Maha

October 27th, 2005

October 24, 2005

Maha Nidhi Swami gave a contemporary example of chanting with mamata (intimacy) by referring to “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison. He joked, “if Dattatreya had twenty-four gurus, including the python and the prostitute, then why can’t we find some instruction in George Harrison?”

“My sweet lord,
Hm, my lord.
Hm, my lord
I really want to see you.
Really want to be with you
But it takes so long my lord
My sweet lord
Hm, my Lord
Hm, my Lord
my my my Lord (Hare Krishna)”

Japa Thought IV
I found my self chanting today in the mood of “My sweet Lord, I really want to see you, really want to be with you!” It was a nice meditation on the holy name. A realization came. What does my sweet Lord mean? It means a personal Lord who intimately reciprocates ones devotion, not only a Lord of Majesty that invokes obligation. Conclusion: We should all meditate on how the holy name is “my sweet Lord”.

October 25, 2005

Japa Thought V
Yesterday we found the words of Sri Guru in George Harrison. Today we found it in even a more unlikely source, my younger brother!

Karttika can be sweet, very sweet. The foundation of that sweetness, however, is a disciplined spiritual life. Chanting and hearing all day—not a moment wasted. Today chanting was especially pleasant, but at the pinnacle of absorption a bitter thought arose: “Can I maintain this life?” I pondered the problem and deeply prayed. I suddenly felt inspired and encouraged by my brother’s words, “It’s a way of life!”

This past year, under the guidance of a nutritionist, my younger brother lost nearly 50 pounds. I asked him if he would be able to maintain it once he has reached his goal. He said with undeniable conviction, “Yes, it’s not just diet. It’s a way of life!” I was impressed.

I can chant and relish Krishna consciousness everyday in this way. I just need to cut the fat of material consciousness and unnecessary diversion, not just during Karttika, but as a way of life. Thank you Ricky!

October 26, 2005

(Guest) Japa Thought VI
Maha Nidhi Swami described that in his study and practice of chanting it was confirmed again and again that the basis of attentive chanting was two considerations, the mind and the heart. To give due consideration to the mind means to think of the mantra’s meaning while chanting. He quoted Srila Viswanatha Cakravarti Thakura “mantra artha cintaya”, that one must chant mantra thinking of its meaning. He marveled how Srila Prabhupada also stressed the mind and the heart as his two main instructions for chanting:

1. Mind (thinking of the meaning) – Srila Prabhupada said that while chanting we should think “O my Lord, O energy of the Lord, please engage me in Your service!”
2. Heart (proper mood) – He also said “The chanting is exactly like genuine crying by the child for his mother.”

October 27, 2005

Japa Thought VII
Chanting means to search for myself, that humble servant of Krishna. It is locked away from me by the false ego, the conception that I am something else. Face it—I just don’t want to be me, a tiny unpaid servant soul? I chant for humility, the key to the door of the soul.

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