Lessons from the CC | Antya-lila Chapter 12

April 25th, 2005

Lessons from the CC
Caitanya-caritamrta Antya-lila Chapter 12

Lesson One:
Before leaving on pilgrimage one should seek the permission and blessings of one?s seniors.

Before going to Bengal to visit Sri Caitanya, the devotees of Nabavipa first
approach Mother Saci.

?The devotees first saw Sacimata and took her permission. Then in great happiness they started for Jagannatha Puri, congregationally chanting the holy name of the Lord.?
Antya 12.15

Lesson Two:
When a Vaisnava, especially a respected senior, is upset with one, one should first search for one?s own fault out of respect.

Sivanananda Sena took responsibility for making all arrangements for the devotees from Bengal on their pilgrimage to Puri. When paying the toll collectors, the devotees had to wait for some time before being assigned by him to their residences. Annoyed by the delay, Lord Nityananda became angry and cursed him.

?Crying, his wife informed him, ?Lord Nityananda has cursed our sons to die because His quarters have not been provided.?
Antya 12.23

?You crazy woman! Why are you needlessly crying? Let my three sons die for all the inconvenience we have caused Nityananda Prabhu.?
Antya 12.24

Lesson Three:
A man should not worship the Lord or even enter the Deity room wearing an upper garment.

Srikant, the nephew of Sivananda Sena is reprimanded by Govinda for wearing an upper garment when offering obeisances to Lord Caitanya.

?When Srikanta offered obeisances to the Lord, he was still wearing his shirt and
coat. Therefore Govinda told him, ?My dear Srikanta, first take off these garments.?
Antya 12.38

Lesson Four:
When a guest comes, one should first situate him comfortably in his room and then offer him prasadam.

Sri Caitanya greets the devotees visiting on pilgrimage from Sri Navadvipa.

?The Lord again arranged for the residential quarters of all the devotees and
thereafter called them to partake of the remnants of food offered to Lord
Antya 12.44

Lesson Five:
One should show special respect to the relatives of a respected devotee.

?Sivanada Sena introduced his three sons to Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Because they were his sons, the Lord showed the boys great mercy.?
Antya 12.45

Lesson Six:
Out of affection one may choose to overlook the innocent breaches of etiquette from someone noticeably junior.

Paramesvara, a very simple and intimate associate of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, after introducing himself to the Lord, innocently announced the arrival his own wife. Out of affection Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu ignores his breach of etiquette.

?Hearing the name of Mukundara Mata, Lord Caitanya hesitated, but because of
affection for Paramesvara, He did not say anything.?

A sannyasi is restricted from even hearing a woman?s name, and Sri Caitanya
Mahaprabhu conducted Himself very strictly in His vow. Paramesvara informed the Lord that his wife, Mukundara Mata, had come with him. He should not have mentioned her, and therefore the Lord hesitated for a moment, but due to His affection for Paramesvara, He did not say anything. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu had known Paramesvara Modaka since His childhood, and therefore Paramesvara did not think twice about informing the Lord of his wife?s arrival.
Antya 12.60

Lesson Seven:
When a breach of etiquette towards one is the innocent result of their intimate
relationship with you, then it may even be accepted with pleasure.

?An intimate relationship sometimes makes a person overstep formal etiquette. Thus Paramesvara actually pleased the Lord in His heart by his simple and
affectionate behavior.?
Antya 12.61

Lesson Eight:
One should not hesitate to takes pains for pilgrimage to see the Lord or his pure
devotees for they will naturally will feel indebted and want to reciprocate
one?s effort.

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu informs the devotees who came on pilgrimage how much He appreciates the trouble they took to see Him.

?All My devotees come here just for Me. Leaving aside their homes and families, they travel by very difficult paths to come here in great haste.?
Antya 12.72

?There is no fatigue or trouble for Me, for I stay here at Nilacala, Jagannatha
Puri, and do not move at all. This is the favor of all of you.?
Antya 12.73

?I am a mendicant and have no money. How can I clear My debt for the favor you have shown Me??
Antya 12.74

?I have only this body, and therefore I surrender it unto you. Now, if you wish, you may sell it anywhere you like. It is your property.?
Antya 12.75

Lesson Nine:
A sannaysi should not be inclined to take help from others for luxurious bodily

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu expresses displeasure that Jagadananda Pandit offers him high quality scented oil as a gift.

?Have I taken sannyasa for such happiness? Accepting this oil would bring My
ruination, and all of you would laugh.?
Antya 12 113

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