Vrndavana Writing means regulation. I

February 12th, 2004


Writing means regulation. I haven?t had that in a while. Since leaving for the U.S. for a short preaching tour in mid-November and returning in mid-December, I?ve been on the go. My pilgrimage tour is technically two weeks long, but I?ve been taking devotees out on parikrama since I?ve come back to India. I will go out again tomorrow, this time to Nandagram. I am not unhappy about this. I like to do it. I just regret that I haven?t been able to adequately service the growing readership of my journals?many of whom cannot come to Vrndavana and see these journals, in some way, as their connection to the dhama.

I should, however, begin my regular schedule soon, since tomorrow looks like the last group outing until I return to the U.S. on March 3rd.

A few months ago, on September 21, I sent out a journal entry called ?When Vrndavana Turned Into New York,? where I expressed my disappointment in seeing Vrndavana sadhus with cell phones. I am forwarding you a picture that was recently sent to me by Pyari Mohan Prabhu to accompany that article and illustrate my dismay, and to begin what will hopefully be regular journal entries from the dhama. You?ll hear from me soon.

Sadhu With Cell Phone

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