October 19, 2003 – Karttika

October 19th, 2003

Govardhana / Javat / Nandagram

Parikrama II
I went to Nandagram today with a few visiting devotees. We started at Javat, where Srimati Radharani lived with her so-called husband and in-laws. From there, we sauntered over to Nandagram along the very path she walked with her friends every morning to go to cook for Sri Krishna. At the halfway point, we stopped at Ter Kadamba, a secluded place of incomparable loveliness, where Krishna herds his cows during the day and meets with the gopis at night. It?s the same forest where Srila Rupa Gosvami later wrote of these pastimes in such masterpieces as Lalita-Madhava, Bhakti-rasamritasindhu, and Ujjvala-nilimani.

The walk is scenic and pleasant. I am really enjoying it. I meditate: I am happily walking here and Krishna?s eternal associates were walking here. What?s the difference?

The difference is pure love. The activities in the spiritual world may parallel ours externally, but the eternal residents of Vraja are spontaneously imbued with overwhelming emotion, fixed in thought and heart on the service of Sri Radha, even in the simplest of everyday tasks.

If we develop this love, we too can swim in the greatest joy, even today, by cleansing the temple, cooking for Krishna, or walking in the early morning to Nandagram.

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