New Jersey Sickness gets worse,

March 4th, 2003

New Jersey

Sickness gets worse, but Brajajana sends some comic relief. I’ve many times told the story of my kidnapping by Ted Patrick and described his hit-man assistant Goose. Brajajana sent me a description of Goose by Ted Patrick himself that he found in old book about deprogramming:

?Goose is big, about six-foot-five, and strong as iron. He wears long hair, with a sweatband around it. His arms are tattooed, and when he goes out on a mission he wears heavy boots, a leather vest, and black leather gloves like a strangler. I think all that is part of psyching himself up. At heart he’s really a gentle young man, but when he gets riled, he has known to become aggressive. That night he got carried away.?

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