Vrindaban A Lesson In Detachment

December 16th, 2002


A Lesson In Detachment

It’s a very unseasonably warm winter. I can’t imagine a more pleasant day. I can see that I am becoming attached, but I’m trying to remain neutral. If I don’t, the heavy cold will eventually settle in and I will suffer more. Always better to be equal in happiness and distress, otherwise undue attachments will eventually cause pain.

The new owner of the japa-kutir came in and told me very apologetically that he plans to sell the place. I try to maintain my resolve to be detached in Vrindaban. It’s more anxiety for a sannyasi to worry about suiting their environment for their comfort than to live simply and depend on Krishna.

Later, the owner came back and told me that a sadhu told him not to sell the house; that we should never take money out of Vrindaban. Let’s see what he decides.

I met a Godbrother who I haven’t seen since last year. He’s quite philosophical. I noticed a small mole on his face that I haven’t seen before. I asked him what it was. I liked his thoughtful and detached reply, which was said in all earnestness.
“We’re getting old and dying. Isn’t it fun? You get to apply what you learned!”

Japa Thoughts VIII

Lately, I’ve been thinking more about chanting with a relationship to the holy name. What does a relationship mean? It means an attraction for someone that manifests in a desire to serve them, and vice versa. We have an eternal relationship with Krishna.

If we are cognizant of that, then chanting His holy name should naturally invoke an attraction that inspires love and service, ideally in our particular relationship with Krishna. We should feel servitude, friendship, affection, or romantic love depending on our relationship with the holy name.

But what if we are not at that level? Whatever our specific relationship with Krishna is, we all have the basic relationship as His servant. Chanting the holy name should invoke at least a sense of reverence and appreciation for our Lord. What if we are not on that level? Then we should at least chant with the conscious knowledge that we have a relationship with the holy name, even if we are not realizing it. We should pray that one day our attraction for the holy name will awaken, and feel comforted that Krishna has now appeared to protect us and give us full shelter.

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