Vasant Falls Bhakti is sincerity

September 29th, 2002

Vasant Falls

Bhakti is sincerity
I saw Nitai Priya this morning and mentioned to her that I started writing my Vyasa-puja journal and that the first installment was somewhat strong. She replied innocently, “I guess we didn’t get it last year.”

I don’t want to discourage you. The modern world is surcharged with opposition to the culture of religious life. I’m sympathetic to our struggle to maintain devout life. Im just trying to consider soberly what we need to hear to help us progress. First we must know the proper standard. Then even if we are not up to mark either by weakness or circumstance–and, sometimes, conditions of fate pose serious obstacles–if we humbly accept guidance from one further along on the path, we are sincere. So whether you need to deepen the quality of your japa, and there are disciples approaching me for that, or even need to reaffirm your basic vows, seek instructions from other–especially your spiritual master–and go forward toward the goal from your present standing. Ifyou do so, your earnestness will be rewarded with victory. But if you are faltering in your practices, stagnate in your devotion, and rationalize your weakness, how will you perfect, or even improve, your life?

Message: Know our ideals, be humble, seek guidance, and proceed honestly. Bhakti is sincerity.

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