Tel Aviv I spoke at

May 23rd, 2002

Tel Aviv

I spoke at their weekly Tel Aviv program, at an apartment that the devotees maintain for such gatherings. Almost half of the people attending are my age and were attracted to Krishna consciousness by Varshabhanvi’s saintly qualities and by her thoughtful and potent preaching.

One becomes satisfied by his dharma or duty. I am a sannyasa so this opportunity to travel and preach vigorously in a foreign country is very satisfying to that side of me.

The Israelis are very intellectual so it is also a good field for my style of lecturing. One lady, a student of Indology at Jerusalem University, came up after the lecture crying. She told me that she accepts the knowledge I shared with her as a valuable gift. I have had good response since I came here. I also gained a realization of what excites intelligent and sincere people about good philosophy:

One’s conceptions are intertwined with one’s attachments. We are in this world to enjoy, so we need to justify our comforts and pleasures because real enjoyment needs to be free from guilt. The truth, therefore, not only challenges our conceptions, but our attachments as well. It is thus often strongly resisted. When tattva, or truth, however, is presented thoughtfully and with clarity and force?especially to a sincere listener?it breaks through that resistance, opening up new areas of perception and giving one a liberating experience.

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