Govardhan In the evenings we

December 10th, 2001


In the evenings we meet in His Holiness Niranjan Swami?s room to discuss Krishna consciousness, but mostly to chant Gaura bhajans.

Niranjan Swami shares his realization on harinam initiation (paraphrase):

“Harinam initiation means to give the Holy Name. Giving the Holy Name means to give faith in the Holy Name, for one can only chant the Holy Name determinedly as far as one’s faith allows. It is thus an offense to give the Holy Name to one who has little faith, for they will offend the Holy name. By his instructions, the spiritual master thus first creates faith in Krishna-kirtan so that one is inspired, determined and attracted to adopt a vow to chant at least sixteen rounds properly. Chanting the Holy Name is therefore the first duty of the bonafide disciples.

“Further interaction of the spiritual master with his disciple is for the singular purpose of increasing their faith in the Holy Name, especially by the guru?s teachings. The disciple thus sees their spiritual master’s instructions and dealings as the means to become purified and qualified for the pure Holy Name (suddha nam), the process given by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu for achieving love of Godhead. Thus the disciple?s appreciation, faith and relationship with the spiritual master naturally increases as they become increasingly perfected in chanting Hare Krishna. The real guru-disciple relationship is thus based on the Holy Name and the disciples attraction for chanting.”

Maharaja?s words struck me and solidified my conception of my real duty to those I instruct, and their duty to me. I did note that while in Govardhan, as my attraction for chanting increased, my appreciation, gratitude and relationship for Srila Prabhupada also significantly deepened. After our discussion, Niranjana Swami sings, “Keno Hare Krsna Nam”, by Bhaktivinoda Thakur. ”

(Refrain) Oh, why does my heart not weep from chanting the Holy Names Hare Krishna?

1. The bird of my heart does not know what past sinful activities it has committed to cause this inability to chant Hare Krishna properly.
2. O forest bird! I have kept something for you very carefully within the cottage of my heart?the holy name of Lord Hari, which is overflowing with pure sweet honey.
3. O bird, you could learn the chanting of this name if you were taught. A bird is easily able to speak all names; why then does this bird of my heart refuse to chant Hare Krishna? Oh, why does my heart not weep from chanting the holy names Hare Krishna?
4. O Bird! Come, let us go to the spiritual world, the land of true everlasting beauty. It is the place where the imaginary man of my mind will never again come and go on the revolving cycle of birth and death.
5. O bird! At the time of death, your body will simply be placed upon a funeral stretcher, lifted on the shoulders of four persons and carried to the cremation grounds.
6. Alas! The cremation fire will then enter your mouth and totally consume your tongue. There will be nothing you can do to save yourself, for at time it is too late?you will be unable to speak any more.”

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