Govardhan Getting very attached to

November 26th, 2001


Getting very attached to practicing spiritual life in Govardhan. I feel much at home here. Even thinking how to shift my base from Vrindaban to Govardhan.

The old fort, once made to protect the King of Khajaraho on his pilgrimage to Govardhan, now a fortress against the modes of material nature. It feels that way. Chanting, darshan of Govardhan, the mind becomes ones servant and satisfied to hear the holy name. I now understand why certain sadhus vowed never to leave the Dham, and the sages of yore were forbidden to cross the ocean?the modes thicken and become active and distract one from spiritual life. I must find a way to maintain this sadhana, even in the west, not just the numbers, quality.

I?m filled with contradictions: I don?t want to leave Govardhan, but I feel more enthused for preaching, leaving and sharing the Dham with others.

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