Govardhan My practices here are

November 25th, 2001


My practices here are finally becoming fixed. I am leaving the late morning open if devotees want to visit Govardhan and bless me with their association so that I may render some service to the Vaisnavas and chant in their company. Karnamrita and Archana Siddhi came last Sunday. Madhava is here today.

Madhava and myself went to rasa sthali at punchari, sight of Krishna?s spring rasa-lila. I have gone to this secluded, spiritual enriched, ancient forest many times and sat in the shade by the side of Govardhan next to a small white fortress like ashram. The door of that ashram just sits twenty feet to my left, and
although I have been here dozen of times I have never ventured in. Somehow today I am inspired. I pass the simple gateway and enter a simple but stunning courtyard temple of Sri Nathji, Lord Krishna lifting Govardhan Hill.

By the altar a few pilgrims are pouring their hearts out with devotion in simple song. I crowd closer to the altar. How clean and beautifully kept! The young, brahmana pujari gaits across the sanctum with grace and devotion. He finishes the arati, cleans the altar, and then greets his guru outside, bowing his head to his feet. His teacher is rustic, but regal, even with his light blue Praphupada hat with embroided multi-colored flowers. Guruji is renounced, living in the middle of this lonely forest, and accepts whatever Krishna gives him, even a funky hat. We have entered the spiritual world, a neat little enclave enriched with devotion. That?s how we feel among the six devotional pilgrims, the saintly pujari, and his stately forest guru.

I fold my hands and bow slightly to offer respect to all the vaisnavas. The guru sees me and says with faith and force, in a raspy deep Indian sadhu?s voice, “CARANAMRIT!” The disciple pours the caranamrita in small clay cups and gives each pilgrim a cup and a small Deity sweet. It?s like taking prasadam for the first time?an intoxicating, delectable, unprecedented taste!

Madhava, a great cook, famous for his gulabjammons, his eyes rolling in delight comments in earnestness, “I?ve never cooked a sweet like that!”

We alight back to the forest and then to the parikram marg and we are back to our taxi. I love such Vrindaban mysteries?opening unknown doors to the spiritual world by the key of causeless mercy!.

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