Govardhan Japa Thoughts VIII If

November 22nd, 2001


Japa Thoughts VIII
If we meditate on the form of Krishna in Vrindaban, a simple villager, how will we avoid envy and scorn, unless we know that He is not a simple cowherd, but God, or we have an intimate relationship with Him. And if we see Him as God, then are we meditating on Krishna in Vrindaban? Pray for sambandha jnana, an understanding of our relationship with Krishna, so that we may think of Him in Vrindaban, as just a cowherd, without misconception or malice. At least be cognizant that ultimately He is our friend, child or lover.

Japa Thoughts IX
Srila Prabhupada gave us Krishna, but couched in tattva, knowledge of His supreme position, so that we may respect and worship Krishna, even as a simple cowherd boy in Vraja, and gradually realize our intimate relationship with Him.

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