Govardhan Japa Thoughts VII My

November 21st, 2001


Japa Thoughts VII
My japa prayer is for visrambha guroh seva, worship of the guru with deep intimate attachment, not just obligation, but attachment that impels selfless and
loving service to his inner wishes and mission. That attachment is transferred to Krishna and qualifies us for His company. Can one enter Vrindaban without intimate attachment, and if it is lacking for His devotee will it manifest for God?.

I wish Srila Prabhupada were still here. His manifest form and visible loving reciprocation would certainly propel my heart further in His loving service. I search in the holy name and search in his mission for visrambha guroh seva. It?s the foundation of spiritual life, what Srila Prabhupada exemplified, what Srila Prabhupada taught, His main bhajan siksa (instructions for spiritual practice), but it is not sentimental or cheap. It takes sincerity of purpose and the mercy of the holy name.

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