Govardhan Japa Thoughts VI Prayer

November 20th, 2001


Japa Thoughts VI
Prayer is the earnest entreaty of the heart for purity. It is the essence of spiritual life and the essence of chanting Hare Krishna. Effective devotional service, effective chanting, chanting that absorbs the mind, must be done with feeling. Otherwise it is mechanical and tasteless. I pray to the holy name and by the holy name. I pray to Guru, I pray to God, the acaryas and the vaisnavas, past and present. I pray to the Deities, the Dham, the holy places and Lord?s eternal associates. I pray for myself, to understand myself, and I also pray for others. I pray for strength and I pray for humility, by notable prayers and my own words too. I seek mercy in all the Lord?s manifestations of grace. Such chanting absorbs the mind.

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