New Ekachakra Dham Meditation On

July 17th, 2001

New Ekachakra Dham

Meditation On Humility V
I understand what humility is, but have I realized what humility is? Am I humble? It is definitely something to strive for. I am trying by devotional service and by reading about Krishna and transcendental knowledge. Real knowledge?knowledge of Krishna?does not make one proud, but bends him with that knowledge like the supple branch of a tree over-laden with ripe fruits

Without humility there is no bhakti. Bhakti, or devotion, begins with the experience of Krishna’s grace. Unearned kindness naturally invokes a sense of unworthiness making us humble.

Grace also requires a humble mood as a conduit because mercy can only flow downward. A pauper can never be kind or merciful to a millionaire in terms of his wealth. Since only the humble man can experience mercy, only the humble man can attain bhakti.

Narada had many qualities. He was renounced, well-behaved, and sober, but those qualities alone were not sufficient to attain the mercy of the Bhaktivedantas. He received the mercy of pure devotional service from the Bhaktivedantas because he was poor and humble and attracted the mercy of these great souls, who were dina-vatsalah?kind to the poor.

It is not that being poor makes one humble, but if it creates within one a realization of ones dependence on God, one?s poverty is an asset. God can make us poor to help us be humble, but he can also give us the world to make us feel undeserving.

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