Boston Meditation On Humility III

July 15th, 2001


Meditation On Humility III
Krishna Kaviraja prayed that ?I am lower than a worm in stool.? A question arises: What’s the difference between humility and low self-esteem?

Humility is a lack of false prestige. It doesn’t, however, necessitate condemning oneself. Our constitutional position as servant may be cosmologically very small, but it is not worthless, as it has relation to God.

A truly humble person may still feel unworthy and in need of God’s mercy, but it is not a psychological aberration. It is an expression of one’s deep realization of God as unlimited and fully independent, and one’s deep realization of the self in relation to Him as infinitesimal and dependent.

On the other hand, people with low self-esteem may desire prestige. They feel unworthy in relation to the status of others, not out of a revelation of their position in relation to God. As their unworthiness is not a product of realized knowledge it still fosters our material illusion and causes duality and pain.

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