New Jersey Went today to

July 12th, 2001

New Jersey

Went today to inaugurate the 24-hour kirtan in honor of Dadu, Sri Krishna Mohan, who passed away almost two weeks ago. I already wrote about his passing in a previous journal. Since he left there have been programs at his home every night. I could see how comforted the family was in such a spiritual atmosphere. They are feeling deep separation and shed many tears, but it was noticeable that they were not at all morose. That’s because their separation was enriched with so much love and honor for their father whose life was successful and whose destiny is assured, and because that love and honor is being nourished by so many devotees who are visiting daily.I sensed that the underlying joyfulness in their home?despite, almost contradictorily, their grave feelings of loss?was because in their remembrance of Krishna Mohan, their home was pervaded by the love of a devotee, and such love is happiness, even in separation.

I did kirtan for almost an hour. The organizers of the program from ISKCON-Towaco then transferred the kirtan quietly to an adjacent room so that I could speak?especially to his extended family, many of whom I have never met before. It was as much a pleasure to be with them as it was a pleasure to be with Krishna Mohan because, like him, they were alive with piety and emotion in our personal exchanges. I took the theme of my talk from something I read which I expanded and applied to the life of Krishna Mohan: A person is remembered neither by what they had or even what they accomplished, but how they made people feel.

I am receiving some nice letters from devotees who met Dadu even briefly who read about his passing from my journal and remembered him. Some excerpts:

“I was very sad to hear about Dadu. I loved him very much.” ?Narottama

“Was also saddened when I received your journal earlier this week about the passing of Krishna Mohan Prabhu. Actually, I was surprised how sorrowful I was after reading it. I remember Dadu from living in Towaco and seeing him regularly. He was certainly a special person. Next Friday is the 30th Anniversary of Sri Sri Radha-Gopivallabha’s installation in Boston and I am helping to sponsor that festival in honor of Dadu and the benefit of Satyabhama and Krishna-priya and their family.” ?Rathi Krishna

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