New Ekachakra Dham ?Suit the

May 14th, 2001

New Ekachakra Dham

?Suit the action to word, the word to action.? ?Shakespeare, Hamlet (1600), 3.2.19

I have been up here for a week writing on the Bhakti-sandarbha and concentrating on sadhana. My best realizations for the journal usually come from
chanting. Often it is the same realization that comes again and again?that bhakti is our sincerity. Sincerity is when ones actions are consciously aligned with ones ideals. Bhakti is the deep conception that God should be pleased. When you confess to be a devotee and your actions are done for the pleasure of Krishna without motive, that is bhakti. You are sincere because your actions and words are one. I took an honest assessment of my spiritual life. Where do my actions fall short of the things that I believe? How does the process of rationalization justify shortcomings born of weakness of heart, not just personal incapability? Where is the best direction to move to align my performance of devotional service with my personal capacity to practice? I decide to consciously plan my week according to my potential for service and pray to Nitai Gaura-Nataraja for mercy.

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