Govardhana There is a process

January 23rd, 2001


There is a process of seeing the dhama. It is something like taking a good picture. To take a good picture one is first required to view an object from the proper perspective and then focus on that image properly. The proper perspective of seeing the dhama is to view it from the eyes of the sastra after having heard properly from a sadhu. The focus to see the dhama is the purity and peacefulness of heart that comes from chanting and hearing here.

We will go to Govardhana several times on our pilgrimages, but before a full parikrama outing, I bring the devotees to sit just at Govinda-kunda for a full abhishek of Govinda Hari. As I continue to come to Govinda-kunda with pilgrimage groups, more and more of the local residents from the small adjacent village of Annayor attend. It gives the abhishek an authethic brijabasi flavor. By the time I finish my lecture about the glories of Govardhana Hill, the old brijabasi pandas with their red turbans are sitting on Govardhana behind Govinda Hari; the young village kids, dressed in what looks like salvation hand-me-downs, are frolicking to our side; and Krishna?s cows engulf us with a slight mist kicked up from the dust of Vrindaban. Our elaborate worships begins, the kirtan roars, the brijabasis smile, the children play, and the cows roam peacefully. We glimpse the real Vrindaban.

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