Vrindaban My plan now is

November 27th, 2000


My plan now is to continue writing my book on the Bhagavatam, but I am often distracted, as it seems that everyday there is someone new that comes to meet me.

Today I got the following surprise note from one disciple of H.H. Narayan Maharaja at the Krishna-Balaram Mandir:

?Narayan Maharaja requests you to visit him before he leaves. Visits would be possible on the 27th or 28th. Please phone his assistant Madhava Maharaja (formerly Naveen Krishna).?

Some of my Godbrothers seem upset with Maharaja in terms of his dealings with ISKCON, especially that he is reinitiating the disciples of other gurus. There is certainly credibility to some of their concerns. Others tend to remember the friendship and relationship we had with him, and the kindness he shared with us. I have thought about this carefully over the years and decided that I should visit him occasionally, especially if it might help quell the controversy if some of the devotees who had close relationships with him, but stopped coming, occasionally visited him.

I called Madhava Maharaja, Maharaja’s secretary. He told me that it is Maharaja?s last day in Mathura and there will be many people coming so he wasn?t sure if he could see me privately. I told him I would just come to offer my respects and see what happened.

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