Govardhana The spiritual enlivenment of

November 5th, 2000


The spiritual enlivenment of kartika in Govardhana awakens remembrances of ecstasy.

  • Chanting at the Henry Street temple in Brooklyn at my first Sunday feasts. No pleasure in this world could compare. I gave up everything to pursue the selfless pleasure of spiritual life.
  • Lord Caitanya’s mercy the first time I went out on book distribution. The inundation of Lord’s Caitanya’s mercy was mystical. What was it? I became too busy as a teacher to continue and give it much time.
  • Kirtana procession to the Yamuna every afternoon for two years without fail when I first came to Vrindaban. The next morning at mangala-arati, I would immediately and enthusiastically begin jumping when the Deities would appear, still feeling the double purification of harinama and yamuna-snana.
  • A midnight bath in Radha-kunda on Bahulastami, Her appearance day. I was with Yasodananda Swami, Jagat Guru Swami, and Pradyumna. I witnessed our false egos wash away into small puddles next to us on the floor. That humility gave a taste for chanting?kirtinayah sada hari.
  • Kumbha-mela in 1988. Bathing at the Triveni [the confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna, and Sarasvati] at 3:30 in the morning, followed by mangal-arati with Lokantha Swami leading. As he sang, I was so convinced that nectar was flowing from the heavens that I would tilt my head to let it come more directly in my ears.
  • Nabadvipa Mandala Parikrama, 1994. Nine days in another world.
  • Kartika in Gita-nagari, 1995. Divine austerity and Radha-Damodara’s mercy gives me a taste for the holy name.
  • Maha-yajna, New Ekachakra Dhama, April 2000. Relief, affection, and devotion flood the dhama as the gods stop the rain to bring sunshine and auspiciousness.
  • Kartika in Govardhana, 2000. Sleeping is considered dandavat-parikrama. Where else can one get such a boon in the ignorance of his day?

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