Monday Morning Greetings 2022 #20 – If I Were God, Would the World Be a Better Place?

May 16th, 2022

There is such a disparity between what I want the world to be and how the world moves around me. It often seems so unfair. But what’s unfair? That I am not the controller, that I am not God, in the sense that I am not all-powerful?


Before wanting to have that capacity to control the world, however, I should ask: Would I be good at it?


Perhaps in my short-sightedness I am forgetting the complexity entailed in controlling the universe. For one thing, there is a certain principle of interconnectivity operating in the world, and thus it is not perfection to move a thing just the way one wants or thinks is best without understanding the full ramifications of doing so. It is as short-sighted as a small child being stung by a bee thinking it is best for all bees to be eradicated, not understanding their necessity in cross pollination and how the food chain would be threatened without them. I wonder then, if I had the God’s power to control, would I be controlling the world with the foresight of a small kid?


I think the first thing most people would probably do with unlimited power, and the thing I probably would also do, is to wish away all the bad things that are happening to them, their loved ones, and perhaps the world. Unfortunately, we would lose the invaluable lessons those challenges were meant to teach us. Is it worth it?


Could I do a better job than God? No! I would screw everything up like I did with my life, and no one would get purified, especially me.


But would the world be a better place if I was not only all powerful, but also pure in my desires? What a silly question. If I was pure in my desires, then why would I want to be God? Rather like Sri Krishna Himself, I would pray to become the lover of God, as He did in His full manifestation as Sri Caitanya.


So, If I were God would the world be a better place? The answer: Who cares? I just want to be a devotee!



Letters from Readers

I enjoy occasionally getting letters from my readers. Ken Montgomery shared his reflection on my last post: “Happiness is the Pleasure of a Madman”


Dear Dhanurdhara Swami, 


Thank you once again for your reflection. I was one of those you passed in the street on your way to the park.[1] I moved to the East Village in 1978 and spent a few decades seeking stimulation and sense pleasure. I had my fill. It wasn’t until I was 50 that I was introduced to the Gita and the gradual evolution of my consciousness towards higher pleasures. After 44 years living in New York City, I just relocated to Richmond, Virginia and I love it! I have a long way to go but now I seek pleasure by doing seva at Govinda’s! I feel infinitely fortunate to have awakened to Bhakti and to be the recipient of emails from inspiring people like you. I miss some individuals in New York but don’t miss living there at all. I hear New York is a great place to visit. I might come for the Ratha Yatra.


Hare Krishna





[1] Ken is talking about my last post where I describe my realizations while walking to Washington Square Park observing all the lost people seeking pleasure in New York.



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