Monday Morning Greetings 2022 #1 – Happy Sixth Birthday, Monday Morning Greetings!

January 3rd, 2022

My titles are usually catchy. Not this one. I think it’s kind of boring, but I wanted to personally reach out to my audience to celebrate. I started Monday Morning Greetings six years ago to the day, so today’s post will be number three hundred and thirteen! Every week I write on whatever thought or realization is prominent in my mind. Well, this was it—to celebrate with my readers.


When I begin writing on Tuesday, I usually have somewhat of a vision of expanding my initial realization. Today I thought I could expand my initial inspiration by discussing whether it’s OK to be proud of what one has accomplished, but I just couldn’t take that much further. I knew, however, that putting pen to the paper, so to speak, has a way of activating the mind if you just keep at it. Although this post didn’t exactly go where I expected, the process of writing itself became my inspiration, especially in relation to fostering my faith in Krishna.


I very much like the definition of faith that I heard from a Christian apologist[1]: Faith is trust by experience. Every single week, after the first session of writing, I feel helpless. I get to watch, however, how day by day the initial inspiration gets sculpted gradually and miraculously by an inner voice into a finished product way beyond my initial inspiration or abilities. As a result, I have gained faith as a writer—trust by experience—that the result is up to Krishna, that He has sanctioned my service, and if I forge forward with my service despite my inabilities, by His mercy the result will come, as it has every week. The process of writing for me is thus a week of watching the Supersoul at work in my life.


Contemplating the writing process also sheds light on my initial inspiration that I couldn’t bring forward: “Is it OK to be proud of my accomplishment?” I think the answer is that pride means to think oneself the doer, and the process of writing for me is seeing Krishna as the doer. I am constantly amazed how thoughts and ideas come far beyond my capability to culminate into a finished product that I can be proud of, especially as I was never a writer or an intellectual growing up, not particularly smart in school, and to this day still do not know the difference between a colon and semi-colon. What I do know, however, is where my inspiration comes from:


“I am situated in everyone’s heart, and from Me comes remembrance, forgetfulness and knowledge.” (Bg. 5.15)


I sit here today again amazed. I began lost, couldn’t imagine this post would amount to anything, or how I would even proceed, but I finished by listening to God in the heart.


As I began this post to celebrate with my reader, let’s also end it that way. For those who would like to participate in that celebration, could you please look at my website wavesofdevotion.com  and pick your favorite post for the year 2021 and send it to me. You will hear back from me personally. Perhaps even mention why you liked it. That’s up to you. On the right-hand bottom of the home page, it says “archives” and in ten minutes you can browse all the articles for 2021. For me it was a tough choice. I like many, but I seem to especially like one’s that include a personal story expressed in my own unique voice with a touch of wisdom. Anyway, here’s one I liked for that reason called Let the Dead Bury the Dead.


Monday Morning Greetings 2021 #24 – Let the Dead Bury the Dead


May you all have a prosperous, healthy, and uplifting New Year by the mercy of Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!



[1] I heard this definition in an interview by Alvin Platinga, John A. O’Brien Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, who is arguably the most prominent Christian apologist in the world.

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