Monday Morning Greetings 2021 #42 – Monday Morning Musings VII

October 18th, 2021

Chanting and Shelter

In the last few years, the world seems to be increasingly and rapidly moving beyond our control, causing duality and fear. Chanting, however, is an activity that I like and can do regardless of how the world moves around me. That’s my shelter—the only shelter—the holy name.


Chanting and Taste

Krishna is the taste of water. That divinity, however, can only be realized when water is unmixed with anything else, in other words, sweet. Similarly, devotion is the taste of the soul, which can be realized when devotion is not mixed with activities that have no value to devotion. Therefore ruci, the stage of true taste in devotion, manifests after the platform of niṣṭha, the stage of steady devotion. I thus pray to remain fixed and have taste for the holy name.


Chanting and Sādhu-saṅga

I received a voice message from a close god-brother. He spoke with conviction of Sri Radha and her mood of separation from Krishna. I began to hanker for Vrindavan. The depth and conviction of my japa increased. Bhakti moves forward by sādhu-saṅga, the association of advanced devotees.


Chanting and a Life of Devotion

When a drop of taste comes in the chanting of the holy name, I ardently pray not to lose it. But prayer is not enough. I must live a life of devotion.


Chanting and Realizing Our Relationship with Krishna

When will we be qualified to realize our eternal relationship with Krishna? When that objective becomes a “dire necessity”. In other words, understanding that one does not realize one’s relationship with God, one begins to want that more than anything else. Such deep feelings of Inadequacy and dependence foster utter humility, which is the beginning of spontaneous devotion. I desire to have that desire.


Chanting and Humility

One can be naturally humble or become humbled or causelessly gifted a moment of humility. Either way, humility is the substance of sincere prayer.


Chanting and the Helpless Heart

My mind was clear. I began to search for the helpless heart, where I can stand at the threshold of devotion and beg for mercy.


Chanting and the Killer of Meditation

“When will I be finished?” That killer of meditation, which shortens our focus on the eternal present and thrusts us into the oppression of time, suddenly arose in my consciousness. Neglect that thought and renew one’s effort to be present with even one mantra and escape the oppression of time.


The Significance of Chanting

The holy name is the Supreme Absolute incarnate in sound. Think how significant that is and how grateful we should be, and in a humble mood chant the holy name.



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