Happiness is a Heart Full of Devotion

December 1st, 2010

November 22, 2010
Sri Vrindavana

I escort a small group of visiting western pilgrims on my favorite Vrindavana hike. Just a mile from the temple, a secluded forest path paralleling the Yamuna escorts us past the multitude of Vrindavana flower garden farms. Just as pleasing as the beautiful farms are the scattering of locals who occasionally cross our path greeting us warmly with a Vrindavana hello, “Jaya Radhe!

Unfortunately, the worst floods in nearly forty years have wiped out this season's crop and even destroyed many of the flower bearing trees. Still, the beauty of Vrindavana is evident.

We continue our walk. An extraordinarily blissful farmer is walking our way. His beaming smile and glistening eyes reflect a happy heart. His joy is radiant. I feel impelled to stop and meet this beautiful soul. I am surprised to learn of his deep troubles:

“My farm was wiped out by the floods. I lost two lacs rupees. It took many years to develop the farm and it will take at least a year to sufficiently rebuild it.”

“Do you have family,” I ask.

“I have four daughters and a son.”

I listen with sadness, but I am puzzled. How can such unbounded joy still shine in his smile? I ask him. We are stunned by the depth and beauty of his simple expression of bhakti.

“Happiness is a heart full of devotion!”


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