Japa Thoughts: The Key to Chanting

November 10th, 2010

November 7, 2010
Sri Govardhana

Japa Thought VI:

A breakthrough in chanting! I can think of no other reason then I went around the sacred Govardhana Hill and kicked up some dust. It’s the dust, the sacred dust. I’m thoroughly convinced of it. There is no other reason.

Japa Thought VII:

Realizations come only when there is sufficient effort and attention in chanting. A blank page is a wake up call that one’s chanting is inattentive. It’s a good reason to write after japa.

Japa Thought VIII:

The Key to Chanting:

The key to chanting is feeling mercy.

But how to feel mercy?

One way: Remember and pray to those that you appreciate and who have touched your heart, past or present.

Remembering kindness helps one to feel kindness. Kindness softens the heart and puts one in a humble mood.

Only in a humble mood can one naturally chant with feeling. And feeling is the key to taste in devotional activity, especially chanting.

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