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October 11th, 2009

October 11, 2009
Sri Govardhana

Since 1999 I have faithfully kept and distributed a journal on my japa meditations from the first day of the holy month of Kartik in the most sacred of places, Sri Govardhana. This year, for the first time, the journal has not been kept nor distributed. It is not because I finally published those journals in a book. At the beginning of Kartik, two important groups came to visit, one after another. Raghunatha brought a group of eighteen people from New York. Right after that Jagadisha brought a group of fifteen from Moscow. I just thought, perhaps uncharacteristically for me in this month, that assisting others in enjoying the holy dhama was more important than enjoying it myself. I'm not sorry, but still it is very important for my spiritual life to take a month just for myself in deeper meditation. I thus started my Kartik japa vows two days ago today. Better later than never.

Japa Thought I

Devotional service is for Krishna, not oneself. Of course we benefit, but that should be the attitude, “Chanting is for Krishna”. I made an offering today of the holy name. Each syllable was a separate ingredient of that offering. I tried to offer Krishna the best ingredients for the best offering—sweet syllables with attention and affection.

Japa Thought II

Looked over my notes from Dr. Fakir Mohan's class in Vrindavana:

“Kartik is Sri Radha's month. You are Her devotee. What will She not give? But what will you ask for?”

“When with affection you are calling to Krishna, His form is coming just like when you call your child with affection—the form of child is there. How to chant with affection? If you think of the benefit of taking shelter of Krishna, His protection and maintenance, then affection will come.”

“What is the best bhajan (spiritual practice)? The best bhajan is to follow guru. Every bona-fide spiritual Vaisnava line thus has the best bhajan. Why should one say come to my guru? We have the real and best bhajan!”


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