Japa Thoughts – October 29, 2007

October 29th, 2007

October 29, 2007
Sri Govardhan

Japa Thoughts:

I do half a Govardhana parikram once a week. This week it’s the Radha Kunda side. What a pleasant walk among the sadhus and pilgrims. When I finally enter Radha Kunda, the moment I cross the invisible border, I swear I feel the difference. A realization came, “Perception is dependent on consciousness.” I went there when I first came and now I’m coming again, but I’m seeing a different world due to the purification of chanting in the dhama. It also gave me the realization how the highest knowledge is experiential, a taste of reality, so to speak, not just an analysis of it. That brings me to the topic of chanting. When dedicated to nama kirtan, there is nothing that changes the consciousness so profoundly.

A final thought: We are miserable because we don’t see Krishna and thus live in a world of duality and fear. I am inspired to take shelter of holy name so that I can see and understand reality. I’m convinced more than ever that the most intelligent person, the one with the highest knowledge, is the truly humble soul who simply chants Hare Krishna.

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