Japa Thoughts: Yogic Chanting

October 26th, 2007

Kartik begins today. I will try, as I have done for the past five years, to share a regular journal of japa thoughts and other realizations. I have doubts about how much more I can say, but at least here’s something to help begin Kartik.

Kartik Journal
October 26, 2007

Japa Thought:

Yogi chanting: Focus on the holy name, stop the mind, reveal the soul. Yoga, in its classical definition, is not a particular philosophy, but a psychosomatic process. The mind is a mirror for the conditioned soul to observe its consciousness, to see its soul. When that mirror is dirty the image is distorted. We see a controller, not a servant, and don’t feel the soul (pure devotion, happiness). The dust is our material thoughts, decisions and self-conceptions. Stop that and the pure soul is reflected in the mind. So I focus on the name, stop the mind, reveal the soul and feel relief. What a relief! Our only relief – basking in the soul! But the dust of the mind, the sense of being not the soul, says, “No, let me enjoy and suffer.” How unfortunate!

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