Vasant Falls For the next

September 27th, 2002

Vasant Falls

For the next week my journal will be focused exclusively on instructions for my disciples on Sri Vyasa-puja. I like to speak extemporaneously, but since this is the only day of the year for us to assemble for the expressed purpose of deepening our affinity for the guru-parampara, I am making an effort to write my thoughts beforehand as I did last year.

Knowledge and devotion require the proper space to fully bloom. Even in the spiritual world, knowledge of Krishna and the bliss of serving Him require the soilof Vrindaban to bear the fruit of love. As we gather in the holy land of New Ekachakra-dhama on this auspicious day so nicely organized by you to honor the original preceptor, Sri Vyasadeva, and his representatives, I pray the jewels of knowledge and devotion sprout within our hearts.

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