Vrindaban Cold winds suddenly blow

February 12th, 2002


Cold winds suddenly blow into Vrindaban from the North, heavy fog sets in, and the sun hides until late afternoon. The weather has turned completely miserable. I am suffering more now because of it than I did when the same weather seasonably hit us for a long stretch in late December. Why? Because when the first balm of warm weather visited us after the long winter, I thought, “Ahh, how nice. Now I can enjoy!” Until we rise above duality our attachments are also
the cause of our suffering.

CHOP! CHOP! CHOP! Suddenly, by decree of the college who owns the 30-acre field next to the japa-kutir, our sweet forest is being senselessly decimated. Damn Kali-yuga and its effect on the dhama?destroying our spiritually uplifting views, cluttering the hallowed ground with ugly, multicolored, non-decomposable
plastic bags, and shoving a hodgepodge of grossly amplified and distorted sounds down our ears. Still, real Vrindaban shines through the clouds of maya for one who takes shelter of the holy name. A fortnight here still guarantees liberation. And still, I count my blessings to be here.

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