Vrindaban Bhagavatam Meditations I Vasant

February 8th, 2002


Bhagavatam Meditations I
Vasant Pancami, the first day of spring in Vrindaban, is at the end of February, but the weather has already warmed up. Vrindaban in the spring creates a sublime atmosphere for speaking the Bhagavat. A small but serious audience has gathered for class as I sit on the large porch outside my room in view of a small lush forest to my right. I close my eyes and bask in the warmth of the direct sun, a day that is thankfully also totally free from the usual periodic intrusion of grossly over-amplified speakers. Mother Kaulini humbly requests to sit on the stoop of the Veranda during class, directly facing the small wooded area. She says she likes the sight of the birds and the view of the brilliant white pinnacle of Srila Prabhupada’s samadhi across the field. Our topic is the Tenth Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam, a subject full of rasa. Rasa is perfectly sweet and intense affection for Sri Krishna. As pure love requires the proper ambiance to mellow, the Lord’s internal potency eternally manifests the charming forest of Vrindaban to nourish Krishna’s loving exchanges with His eternal associates. How can the sentiments of love fully mature in anything but the most delightful setting? That same ground where the Supreme Personality of Godhead grazed His cows is still manifest today to empower His devotees to chant and hear His glories. By the potency and mercy of this ideal place on this ideal day I can thus speak something about the heart-wrenching sentiments of the residents of Vrindaban as Krishna mounts Akrura’s chariot to leave for Mathura. We become engrossed in this wonderful pastime expressing the unparalleled love of the Lord’s topmost devotees; we enjoy this inspiring spring-like day.

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