July 22nd, 2001



Transcendental incantation
Surpassing imagination
Syllables for meditation
Rhythmic cleansing tune

Consciousness in transformation
Penetrating sound vibration
Mind switched to another station
Heart like Moon in June

Internal jubilation
Audible illumination
Depression meets with devastation
Like darkness at high noon

Illusion’s web in ruination
Soul and body separation
With great concentration
Chanting in my room

?Madan Mohan dasa (Mark Oppenheimer)

Now that I stay at New Ekachakra dhama and Madan Mohan is living next door, we occasionally meet in the evening. Madan Mohan’s nature is contemplative. It takes a lot of integrity to think deeply and come up with sound and honest conceptions of the world and oneself that are not marred by prejudice born of attachment. Madan Mohan sincerely tries to do this?sometimes even to the extent of testing his own core convictions?but his faith is strong, most of which is based on his experience with the holy name over the years. Last week we had a particularly interesting discussion.

Since the foundation and conclusion of his deliberation is theistic, although he is willing to be challenged, his process of reflection is jnana-misra bhakti?philosophical analysis leading to God. Perhaps I am only just getting to know Madan Mohan more deeply, but I see that his thoughtfulness has invoked positive changes in him?which, after all, is the purpose of personal introspection?and has brought him closer to God. He shared with me the intellectual aspect of the process of his change:

?I analyzed my whole life to discover what in my life has made me the way I am. I then tried to understand how I used that to get where I am. I am now contemplating how to transcend that to go further in spiritual consciousness.?

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