Nityananda Trayodasi Kaustubha has been

February 6th, 2001

Nityananda Trayodasi

Kaustubha has been praying for Gaura-Nitai deities since the beginning of tour. He found an exquisite set of 12″ astadatu Gaura-Nitai deities in Vrindaban that he had refined by Prabhu Dayal, a saintly artisan near Loi Bazaar. This morning at 7AM, in the japa-kutir, we install the deities by abhishek and kirtan. I speak briefly on the glories of Nitai.

Rama Raya comes in quickly to take darshan before running back to the temple to complete his own worship before the temple kirtan begins at 10 o’clock. He speaks briefly and I appreciate his points.

“The Deity one eventually worships should be a manifestation of the Lord that one has already been worshiping is His heart and thus one should be somewhat mature before worshiping personal deities.”

Of course, deity worship is generally considered for neophyte devotees, but his point is well taken. It is not solely for neophyte devotees, and ideally, such worship should have some connection to one’s spiritual sentiments, otherwise deity worship can become a fad, and the deities can go neglected, like a mantle piece on a shelf.

By serving the sankirtan mission sincerely for years, Kaustubha has a naturally deep affinity for Gaura-Nitai. His deities are a manifestation of the Lord in his heart and will be worshiped with affection.

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